Welcome to TNS Insurance Agency Neverlost and Tire and Wheel Guarantee claims web site.

For Neverlost or Tire and Wheel Claims processing, the person filing the claim or technician at the service facility must call the claims administrator, TNS Insurance, at 1-800-231-2453 or by clicking Submit a Claim on the left side of this page prior to making any repairs.

A TNS claims administrator is available Monday-Friday from 9am - 5pm Eastern Standard Time. If the technician making the repairs would like to file the claim, they may do so by clicking Submit a Claim on the left side of this page or contacting us at 1-800-231-2453.

Once all the questions have been answered and the form has been submitted, a TNS processing agent will review the claim within 2 business hours if it is filed between 9am - 5pm Eastern Standard Time Monday - Friday. . If the claim is filed online outside of the hours of 9 AM-5 PM Monday-Friday the claim will be reviewed by the end of the next business day. After the claim has been reviewed then the claim will be approved or denied based on the information provided. TNS will then call or e-mail the claims decision. If the claim has been approved TNS will then issue an authorization code that must be written legibly on the invoice.

Payable items for a claim include: The damaged tire itself, mounting of the tire, balancing of the tire, replacement stems, and disposal of the damaged tire. We do not cover hubcaps or wheel alignments.


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